Finding the Perfect Private School for your Child

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Lori Carlos '87

Every child is unique, as is every school. With more than 90 different private schools on O‘ahu, finding the perfect one for your child can be a challenge. Location, cost, curriculum, and extracurricular activities are just a sample of the things parents should consider when evaluating schools. Parents should also think about things such as:

Global Perspective

As the world around us becomes increasingly globalized, schools need to begin to find ways to prepare students for that world. From international programs to study abroad opportunities, parents should look for a school that offers the right global opportunities for their child.
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A child’s school will become almost like a second home for them. It will be a place where they spend the majority of their time, where they will make friends, develop new interests, and learn how to overcome challenges. Students need to feel comfortable on campus. Parents and students can get a feel for a campus and better visualize how life at the school will be with a campus tour.


Some schools are highly competitive while others can be more nurturing. Certain schools may encourage lots of parent involvement while others may encourage more student independence. In addition to taking a campus tour, parents can get a feel for a specific school’s culture by attending school sporting events and talking to other parents.

These are just some of the many factors that can be 
considered when choosing the right private school for your child.

While the process can be time-consuming, nerve-wracking and stressful, don’t be afraid to reach out to a school’s Admission team for answers and support. The perfect private school can set your child up for a happy and prosperous future.

To help any parent considering private school, Maryknoll School has put together a guide, “Choosing the Right School for your Child.” This free guide highlights 10 different aspects that every parent should consider as they begin their private school research. Download the guide



Lori Carlos '87

Written by Lori Carlos '87

Lori is the Director of Admission for Maryknoll School and has been helping families navigate the private school admission process for more than a decade. When she’s not meeting with prospective applicants or hosting campus tours, Lori is a dedicated Maryknoll softball mom for her two youngest daughters. A proud graduate of Maryknoll herself, Lori is highly active in the Maryknoll alumni community and says the best part about her job is the opportunity to share her passion for Maryknoll with others.

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