10 Character traits that will help your child succeed


More than anything in the world, as a parent, you want your child to find success in the classroom and in life. Research today shows that book knowledge and technical skills aren’t necessarily the biggest factors in that success. What matters more are the values that a child learns and the experiences they have that build character, encourage grit, and instill compassion for others.

At Maryknoll School, we believe in partnering with parents so that by the time our students graduate, they know themselves well and are poised to make a positive impact with their life’s work. We created a guide that outlines 10 character traits that we have seen to be essential for success today, including grit, caring for others, passion, and faith. Which of these traits does your child already possess? Which traits do you want your child to develop?

Download this insightful guide by filling out the form and be inspired by the stories of Maryknoll alumni who have demonstrated these traits in creating a brighter future for our community.